Zabree loved it. 
Lawrence R. says: My son loved it. Will was patient and gave my son advice on things that will help him be a better baseball player. It was worth the money and we will be using this more often. 
1st Pitching Lesson
Terry D. says: Wow! We were very impressed with this facility and attention to detail. Matt's pitching instructions for my 9 yr old was spot on and was able to teach back on video. This helped my son to realize what his problem areas were. Matt provided great corrective instruction and was very encouraging along the way and now my son is looking forward to coming back.Baseball Hitting Lesson
Heather P. says: My 8 year old son had his first batting lesson with Will and we couldn't be more pleased with our experience! Not only is Will extremely kind and knowledgeable, but my son immediately connected with him and he knew 'right off the bat' how to help my son improve his swing. To say that we were impressed is an understatement! The facility is fantastic! We will be back for lessons weekly! 
Softball Fielding/Hitting
Renae C. says: We were very pleased with our first experience at Proformance! Will Lewis worked so well with our (very timid) 10 year old daughter. She learned a great deal in the first session & immediately started practicing the skills when we got home. The facility is wonderful. Each staff member we encountered was extremely kind and helpful. We will be back!
1st Lesson
Joe C. says: This is my 17 year old son first lesson with Dustin. Great experience. Dustin KNOWS his stuff. Warm up before and after, video during. My son loved it and loved being around Dustin. We are in for the long haul. I would highly recommend going to see Dustin no matter if you have a 12 year old that is just getting started, or you have a 17 year old that needs a few tweaks. I have no doubt that Dustin is the man. 
Great fielding lesson
AA A. says: My son had a fielding lesson with Will and it was a great lesson ! Will had great pointers for him to try when it came to both fielding and throwing and we were very pleased with the instruction and Will's ability to encourage and motivate my son in a positive manner. 5 Stars ! 
AnnaMaria L. says: Matt has made a Hugh impact on Kaleb. Matt’s dedication and direction has put a fire in Kaleb’s soul. Matt has inspired my son to do the best to reach his goals. Your lessons have taught Kaleb about commitment and hope. “A good coach will make his players see what they can be, rather than what they are.” – (Ara Parasheghian) Thank you for freely giving us your time every day. Thank You, AnnaMaria 
First hitting lesson
Michelle C. says: Pat did a great job with Aaron. He talked with him throughout the whole lesson, giving feedback after every swing. Aaron came away excited for his next game and saying "That's exactly what I needed." 
1st Pitching Lesson
Heath W. says: Very impressed with Matt. Knowledgable, kind, and, most importantly, patient. We will be back. 
True professional!!!!
Holly E. says: My daughter has only had three lessons with Pat and I can already see a huge improvement! Money and time well spent. 
Dustin top notch!
Jim M. says: My son has taken lessons from Dustin for the past few years. Started again yesterday with our first lesson of spring. And was again reminded what good investment it is. Dustin encourages my son, he has a great memory of Evan's specific needs/tendencies, and tailors the lesson to help him get better. Highly recommended. By the way, one huge reason we were able to hit the ground running this spring with a great 1st lesson was the off-season throwing program guide that Dustin provided last fall. We've done that program since Christmas to get Evan's arm ready for tournaments next month and I feel we're ready to go. Thanks Dustin! 
Best Baseball Training in Arkansas
Chris H. says: After taking a season off from an injury, my son returned to train with Will. He is an amazing coach. He has an outstanding attitude and very positive. He watch my son perform at batting at his speed and then walked him through areas of improvement. He simplified the batting steps for him to be able to work out some bugs during training and encouraged him to practice those steps at home. We will be back for more batting training and will start training on some catching drills soon. 
Tommy John Comeback 
Jason C. says: Jason Chastain - My son is in the beginning phases of throwing after Tommy John surgery and I can not tell you how IMPRESSED I am with Dustin and his entire staff. We have played the highest level of baseball available for 15 year olds and have worked with coaching professionals his entire life and I have yet to find anyone better. Not only is Dustin Mosley articulate with his knowledge but his entire team get engaged with these athletes! My son has always been thirsty to learn and I literally couldn't be more pleased! He is drinking in the knowledge and it is and has been a long road to recovery! They all preach patience and to approach this period correctly. Great People with wonderful lessons about the game above and beyond! 
Catching lessons
Trayvis T. says: We have taken our son Court to both pitching and hitting lessons in the past. Every experience has been very beneficial and really improved his performance. He had his first catching lesson yesterday with Cody Gildon. Cody was really great at teaching and making Court understand what he was doing. Court is already looking forward to his next lessons. Thanks to all you guys at Performance! 
First lesson of the season
Roy L. says: We only use Will Lewis now for hitting instruction for the last year or so. Got our first lesson of the year yesterday. Will not only knows how to teach hitting but knows the progression to go through also as far as steps to go in order to get back to mid season form. We have been getting lessons for 5 years now and Will is the best we ever used! Great guy and teacher as well. 
First lesson 
Cody A. says: We brought our son for a pitching lesson with Matt and a hitting lesson with Will Both guys were very professional and you can tell they care about the kids . We will definitely bring Coy back for many more lessons . Thanks 
Softball hitting lessons 
Tonya S. says: My daughter Maddie has only has had 4 hitting lessons with Dayna Huckabee. I am already seeing a huge difference. I have taken her to various clinics and instructors in the past and I can say Maddie learned more in her first lesson with Dayna than she did in 5 months with her last instructor. I'm highly impressed as well as excited to see what the future holds! I also want to give props to Matt Biedron who helped Maddie with her pre lesson warm up last week. He did more than just show her the mechanics and techniques of the warm up. He made sure my awkward shy teen daughter felt at ease training in a new gym surrounded by baseball players. He brought her out of her shell and also made sure she was aware of her strengths as an athlete and tried to teach her to be more confident and not so shy. It truly helped her as an athlete! 
Antoine L. says: Only one visit very impress with Dustin seems to b highly knowledgeable in his craft. we will b back 
Batting & Catching Lesson
Diann F. says: My son trained with Will for batting and Cody for catching. Both of these gentleman did an excellent job helping my son work on areas to improve and did not rush the lesson. Both very motivating and reassuring on helping him reach his goals. With his regular membership we can already see the difference the workouts have made in a short 5 weeks. Tell everyone Pro is the place to be, you will not be sorry you tried it out. 
Pitching lesson
Roy L. says: My son just turned 12 and has been getting lessons for about 4 years. Dustin is the best I've seen in that time. Knows his stuff and knows how to explain and teach it. I highly reccomend him! 
1st Hitting lesson
Josh W. says: Will was great with my 9y/o. Simple achievable instruction. Very impressed with this group of men leading this facility. 
1st Pitching Lesson
Mary C. says: My son Will had his first pitching lesson with Dustin and it was a great experience. Everyone was super friendly and personable and he learned a lot in 1 session. We will definitely be going back. 
1st Session
Mark C. says: Will Lewis instructed my 8-year old son on hitting. He kept the lesson simple and worked on 2-3 things, which I thought was great for an 8-year old mind. He was encouraging, but would step in and say "that's not it" when needed. I will definitely be going back to Will. 
1st session / First impression
Matt F. says: My son's first introductory / baseline pitching instruction lesson went great! Dustin is very personable and related to my 12 yr old son very well! Great first impression! The lady that checked us in was very helpful and nice. We look forward to coming back and working with Dustin moving forward.
First visit
Jon B. says: Dustin and the staff were great for my 12yr old's first visit for pitching lessons. He is extremely knowledgable and communicated very effectively at a level my son easily understood. We definitely intend to return for more lessons. 
Great Experience
W.H. C. says: My 14 year old's first lesson with Will was amazing! He zeroed in on deficiencies immediately and gave him the best hitting advice he has had in years. A great mix of patience, knowledge and instruction skills. I could not recommend the Proformance program more highly. 
Best lesson so far
Jim M. says: My 11-year-old son has had many lessons but this one was the best one so far. Dustin is such a good listener and observant of every little thing in my son's mechanics. And he takes that and recommends changes the show immediate results. It's often things I've noticed but wasn't quite trained enough to put my finger on, or how to explain to my boy. Dustin does that and he does it in a way that an 11-year-old understands. My son was so excited after the lesson. He said, "Dad, I really can't wait to pitch this weekend." Thanks Proformance and thanks Dustin! 
Hitting lesson
Bob H. says: My 13 yr old had a hitting lesson with Will. The whole staff was very welcoming and friendly. Will was very professional and relatable. I loved the fact that they had my son do a good warm-up before his lesson. My son enjoyed it and we will be returning. Thanks Proformance! 
Pitching lesson with Dustin
Scott M. says: Our son has been learning from Dustin for about a year and a half and has really grown as a pitcher. Matthew really enjoys working with him and has learned proper mechanics, warm up and cool down techniques!! Great group of guys! Looking forward to our youngest son to start working with him very soon!! 
HS Baseball
Roger T. says: Our 14 year old son started the member workouts for HS players. We can already see an improved attitude about the off field workouts that need to be incorporated into becoming a better ball player overall. He actually wants to get there early and wants to stay afterwards! Working out with Dustin, Jay, Matt and Will has been great for his overall self esteem. We just had our first pitching lesson with Matt. Although my son has had a sore arm, Matt talked with us and asked that we confer with our doctor to make sure he is able to throw and continue the workouts. This is what we look for in a coach/instructor. Seems to be a great fit for our son! 
Fun & Enjoyable
Russell W. says: Jesse and Will interacted great with my 7 year old son. My son loved the personalized attention and actually listened to their instruction. My son gets frustrated and loses interest when getting instruction from myself, so it was very enjoyable for me to watch him engaged and actually listening to Will's instructions. However, the best part, was seeing my son smiling and having fun while learning. I couldn't ask for anything more. We will be back for another lesson next week. 
Thanks Matt
Roy L. says: My son has taken lessons from several people in the last 3 years. All of them know the same fundamentals and know what they are doing but Matt explained what my son needed to do in a way that he completely understands. He got more out of the 2 lessons this year so far with Matt than he did with months from some others in the past. I highly reccomend Matt and proformance! Roy 
Best I've worked with
Kyle A. says: I spent the last couple of years looking for the right fit for my son to learn the fundamentals and art of hitting. Pat Harrison is the best that's out there. He has an amazing ability to work with kids and break things down in a way that are both fun and informative. Very positive teaching environment which is key for a young ball player. If you want results give him a try and you wont be disappointed. 
1st Session
Justin W. says: I took my 15 y/o son in for a pitching lesson with Dustin and couldn't be happier with our experience. It's easy to see that all these guys really enjoy working with these kids. First or all, everyone there was very friendly and helpful and willing to give advice. Our first lesson exceeded our expectations. Dustin made some minor adjustments on my son's form that made a big difference. Dustin knows how to make these adjustments easy to understand and was very patient and took his time with us so we never felt like he was rushing through the lesson. We will be back for more lessons! 
Great to learn from Professionals!
Claudia S. says: Jay, Dustin, Will and Pat are all top notch professionals. Each one brings so much knowledge and experience to what they teach. These guys obviously love what they do, and their passion is to show in a positive manner the proper way to hit/pitch without injury. I am so glad baseball has guys like this right here in Little Rock! 
I learned so much day 1 pitching w/ Dustin
Graham G. says: Incredible experience! Thank you Proformance LR. First time having pitching lesson and it's amazing how much there is to learn. It's all about core strength. You need to be strong to have balance for correct pitching form. Dustin teaches all of this. 
1 lesson
Dena r. says: I booked a session with Dustin for my 15 year old son. Dustin evaluate him at every step of his pitching mechanics. He pointed out his weakness and demonstrated the correct form as well as giving him instructions on workouts and drills to do at home .Excellent lesson! The entire staff is very friendly and worked great with my son. The atmosphere was very positive. 
Kurt S. says: My son has been going to Proformance for 6-8 mths. We started going just to work on throwing mechanics. I can not believe the change in his strength and confidence. He still has a lot of work to do, but without Jay's help he would not be were he is at. Honestly I can't say enough great things about the staff,or facility. 
Incredible Instruction
Barry B. says: My son Dalton was really happy when we left. He was allowed extra time, picked up 5mph on his pitching just through mechanical changes. We will be back next week. Thanks for your knowledge. Barry Bray 
Great experience
Steve K. says: My son is 17 we have taken lessons all over the state...this is where he will be until he leaves for college.dustin and the guys were great,facilities and instruction are top notch!! 
Great Experience
Mike F. says: The level of instruction and knowledge is second to none. They are fun and seem to have a way of explaining that is easy and fun!!!! Great experience all the way around 
Jarred r. says: Matt and Dustin were very helpful and understood what I was trying to get acclomplished. They were able to spot some flaws and were able to show me how to make adjustments to correct. I booked two sessions back to back and they never took a break. They used my time wisely and I definitely got my money's worth from Proformance. I will be back before my college tryouts and will be back for summer sessions. 
Great Experience
Ronnie C. says: Great place. We never leave disappointed. Always great to get to see the guys at Proformance. They do an awesome job with my son and make it fun for him to learn while teaching him the proper mechanics. They seem to always get him straightened out and back on track in no time. Highly recommend to anyone looking to improve on their baseball skills. They offer more than just baseball for the kids. Personal training and more for the parents. Check it out you will not be disappointed. 
Amazing place
Michael S. says: I took my 9 year old to train and wound up bringing his entire team back the next day. Great facilities with top level equipment and service. These guys know baseball and the passion for the game shows. Highly recommend! 
1st session
Mike A. says: I took my 8yr old son to work one on one with Jay and I was very impressed. He started out with a light workout/warm up and immediately went to work on what needed to change with his batting stance and swing. He really encouraged him on the things he was doing right and focused on the details of how to improve on the things he was doing wrong. Sent us home with practice techniques to follow up with. My son loved the session and asked if we were coming back next Monday. We'll be back. 
1 year in and going strong
David G. says: Dustin, Will, Jay and their staff continue to impress. My 13 year old loves going to work out and I firmly believe it is because of the vision that these guys have for training young players. The facility speaks for itself, but everyone at Proformance/Elevate goes out of their way to make each player feel like they're the only one they're working with. From the bi-weekly member workouts to the individual instruction, you can't beat Proformance/Elevate. After becoming a member, we find ourselves up there more and more. Thanks and keep doing what you're doing. 
First lesson with Will
Roy L. says: My son is 10 and have taken lessons at other places in the past. Will did a great job identifying the problem with my sons swing and related the way to correct it very quickly. I highly recommend Will and proformance for anyone needing lessons. Thanks, Roy 
First impression
Jason A. says: My two sons, ages 13 and 14, had a great time first and foremost. Dustin has a great way of connecting with the kids and making them understand the importance of fitness, establishing the fundamentals, and being the best you can be. It was out first but not last time. The few things that the boys worked on easily improved their skills before we even left. They are committed to improving and Dustin gave them some fundamental improvements that will achieve that. Once they master those things, we will be back. 
Pitching lesson
Zach M. says: I worked wth jay when I was younger at a another training facility. When I heard he was doing pitching lessons again, my dad and I both decided to schedule a lesson with him. Jay gave us a tour of the new facility. I was very impressed. I liked the warmups that we did, and he immediately identified what was wrong with my pitching motion and we are currently working to correct it. There is no doubt I will continue to work with him throughout my high school career.
My Experience
Ronnie C. says: I cannot say enough about Proformance/Elevate. Always very friendly and professional staff. My son has taken several lessons from Jay and Dustin over the last 6 months. They do an awesome job working with him and making it a fun experience while teaching him the correct way to warm up and mechanics of pitching. He has made such great progress this year. He said he wanted pitching lessons for Christmas this year. We love this place. 
Mound Session
Billy R. says: My 16 year old son took first session from Dustin and he walked away very pleased. Loved the fact that they didn't just jump into throwing but did a good warm up before ever picking up a ball and after session did a routine, including bands, to properly end the session. I really liked that Dustin challenged my son to think about what he was doing both good and bad. Very nice experience. 
1st Lesson
Jay L. says: Just had our first lesson with Jay and we're very pleased. Jay was great w/ my 11-year-old son and started working with him on exactly the area he needs improvement on. He diagnosed the weak point right off the bat, which showed me he knows what he's doing. Loved the warmup prior to the lesson and the cool-down phase after. Good habits to get into. My son liked him and can't wait to come back. Spent about 15 talking to Will while watching the lesson. Very nice guy too. Facilities were AWESOME!! Very excited to see what my son will look like come Spring. 
Top Notch
Ryan P. says: My son had his first lesson with Jay. Jay was able to break pitching down to a multi-step process and evaluate him at every step. Growing on strengths, and working on weaknesses. Jay and will are outstanding guys in my opinion and excellent teachers of the game. I would highly recommend this facility. 
My Experience
Clay S. says: I went to see Will Lewis for a training assessment. Everyone in there was nice and courteous. WIll was very knowledgable about baseball and the skills I needed to improve upon. The facility and the equipment were state-of-the-art. I would highly recommend anyone who wanted to improve on their baseball or softball skills to visit Proformance/Elevate. 
First class all the way
Tony g. says: I have two teenage boys taking hitting lessons from Will. The improvement that I am seeing in each is amazing. He not only made the necessary changes to their swings, but teaches the correct mental approach to an at bat. I highly recommend this place. Dustin, Will, and Jay make you feel at home, and with out a doubt have the very best interest in your son or daughters proper development. First class all the way! 
First impressions are important
David G. says: I came to Proformance/Elevate on the recommendation of a personal friend who has coached both at the high school and collegiate level. I did not leave disappointed. I took my 12 year old in for a pitching tune up and he left asking when he could come back. If you are looking for quality instruction, at a quality facility, by some quality people, come to Proformance/Elevate. Dustin, William and Jay have the right model to help young players develop and improve with the health of the player being paramount. I appreciate their attention to detail and we will certainly be back! 
Softball Lessons
LeeAnn B. says: If you need any training related to softball or baseball this is the place to go. The facility is wonderful, and I can not say enough about the staff. My daughter is 7 and needed the basics of hitting and catching. Jay was wonderful with her. She learned more in one session than I could have ever hoped for. We will going back very soon! 
1st Sesssion
Kristy S. says: I booked a session with Dustin for my 8 year old son. Dustin was wonderful with him throughout the entire lesson. He really encouraged him and help build his self-esteem. My son loved the session and asked when he was coming back. As a parent it was great to see how well he did by just making a few minor changes. By the end of the session you could already see the improvements. The staff is friendly and very knowledgable. We will be going back weekly. 
My Experience 
Ronnie C. says: I took my 9yr old son in for pitching lesson and we could not be happier with our first visit. The staff is very friendly and works great with the kids. I asked my son if he enjoyed his 1st lesson with Jay and he said dad I had a blast. We didn't feel rushed as we have from other coaching around town. They spent time warming up and stretching before getting started and explaining to him why it is important. They have a really nice facility with very experienced staff that have played at the highest level of competition. I feel like we are getting the best training from Proformance/Elevate than any other place in town.